Little Train BD

  • My philosophy

    About Jeremy, the Little Train:

    I’ve worked in the branding business since the dawn of the century: not so much a train trip as a rollercoaster ride. The rise of digital has fundamentally altered the marketing and business development landscape. The old rules, and the old ways, no longer apply. In an over-crowded market, design and marketing agencies face a new kind of puzzle when it comes to finding new clients. I help them solve it.

    I grew up with the story of the Little Train that wins the race against bigger, faster locomotives by working harder and thinking smarter. It’s a principle I can relate to.

    Oh, and the smartest bit of new business I ever did? Chatting to guy sat next to me on the train. Get in touch for the full story.

  • What I can do for your business

    Business Development Strategy:

    Who needs us? How do they find us? Why should they bother? Three questions agencies of all sizes face when it comes to new business. I help define the audience, refine the message, and work out the route to market.

    Business Development Activation:

    A smart strategy needs a smart operator. I can implement your new business plans, using a range of prospecting tools and techniques, to conduct intelligent conversations that deliver results.

    Marketing and PR:

    Branding agencies often struggle to find the time, energy and focus to market themselves. Whether it’s a thought piece or a press release, an award entry or a DM campaign, I can create the content, and ensure it’s seen in the right places.


    New Business is everyone’s business at your agency, not just down to the MD. Coaching for new business development is not just about teaching you to sell: it’s about building a team, designing a toolkit, making a plan, and sticking to it.

  • Get in touch

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